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" in a different league in  its technical sophistication,  storytelling and staging."


Dublin’s General Post Office (GPO) has borne witness to over 200 years of Irish history, and was the headquarters of the rebels during the Easter Rising of 1916. DMW Creative were a part of the team intrinsic to the design, production and installation of the exhibition.


The exhibition brings to life all sides of the story of the Rising, from the build up and events that led up to the rebellion through to the aftermath and the path that led Ireland to independence and beyond. History comes to life as visitors experience events from all sides of the conflict, and through the eyes of bystanders caught in the crossfire. Using a combination of original artefacts, interactive touchscreens, video, audio visual booths, sound and games, visitors are immersed in the action as they compose newspaper reports, examine an original copy of the proclamation of independence and send morse code to declare the Irish republic.


Martello worked with a panel of leading historians to produce content which is presented in a layered and accessible manner, appealing to a variety of learning styles; from short documentaries to wall panels, interactives and set dressed zones to a full immersive audio visual dramatisation of the rebellion ensuring that all audience groups and interest levels are catered for.

Heather: Spatial and interpretive design input

Peter: Creative direction; final compositing work and delivery of 'Fire and Steel' centrepiece AV; stills photography; proofing of all content

Rob: Technical design and commissioning of all exhibits; supervision of subcontractors

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