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Dowling Molenaar Whittaker (DMW) is a collective of passionate, creative and enthusiastic storytellers who specialise in all aspects of visitor experience design. 


We create memories through impactful, immersive and multi-sensory design. People, their experiences, perceptions and engagement are at the heart of our approach. We are in the job of creating memories and positive recollections. Allow us to take your visitors on a unique journey through your story.

Specialising in interpretive design, branding and interiors we use a Human-Centered-Design process to create unique spaces with a clear intent to create an impact. People are at the heart of the experiences we create. Bringing together a diverse team, sharing knowledge and experience, we have developed a bespoke approach, which is responsive to evaluation and critique. We are with are with you and your visitor at every step of the journey.   


Heather Dowling portrait



Heather takes projects from feasibility to fit-out keeping the aims of the client and needs of the audience at the core of all her work. Working as DMW's lead Interpretive Planner and Designer, Heather brings a wealth of experience in all aspects of visitor experience planning, feasibility studies, design and visitor management. Having worked with a list of high profile institutions such as St. Patrick's Cathedral and Windsor Castle, Heather is experienced at workshop facilitation, interpretive strategy development as well as mentoring and support at operations level to assist in bringing about positive change and improvement.


As a creative, with a particular interest in providing access for all, Heather works closely with Peter and Rob and our DMW Associates to adopt an outside the box form of thinking towards experience design. We work together as a team to create memories for your visitors.  


A bit of an adrenaline junky and fitness fanatic, she spends most of her free time in training for some kind of physical challenge - but she's not competitive.....!  

Rob Molenaar portrait



Rob’s work is basically the “glue” that holds all our work together. He involves himself with the conception of our work by finding ways to realise our concepts in the “real” world.

He takes responsibility for our installations and any subcontractors that we may need during the process. He can design and create custom hardware solutions for each exhibit’s specific requirements.


Rob’s background is in set and lighting design for Performance Art. He has 20 years’ experience in design, specification and installation of visitor experiences of all shapes and sizes. 

He always designs with a long-term view and minimal downtime for maintenance or breakdowns and provides round-the-clock service to any of our clients past and present.

His skills range across mechanical and electrical engineering, 3D printing and woodcraft; his hobbies include classic motorcycles, gigging, 3D printing and zero-carbon living!

Peter Whittaker portrait



Peter takes the broad strokes of a story and renders them as compelling experiences. Former art director and then creative director of Martello Media, and award-winning animator, his work has been seen by more than 8 million people.


An accomplished photographer with a background in physics and interactive multimedia, he heads up our visualisation and media production department. His work touches almost every part of DMW's process: from ideation, through concept and detail design, to finished eyepopping visuals. 


He likes nothing more* than an engaged, enthusiastic client who understands that the last 5% moves an experience from so-so to sublime.  


*two children, wife and her chocolate truffles excepted

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