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Guinness Storehouse is Dublin’s leading visitor attraction with over 1 million visitors per year. Peter and Rob were key members of the Martello Media team that designed and implemented three key interventions to welcome and delight visitors to this amazing experience.


A basement space was allocated for the new ticket hall. Martello stripped back the space to reveal the original architecture of the space. Columns, tiles on the surrounding walls and the original cast iron beams were all exposed to bring the space back to its historical roots. Additionally, old artefacts from the factory were restored and presented around the space.


To further evoke the feeling of walking into the original building, bustling with workers, Martello projected silhouettes of an early 1900s street scene on the windows that line the space. Horses and carts and the old trams would trundle past the six windows carrying barrels of Guinness.


The atrium's pint shape was enhanced by the addition of a projection of a continually-settling pint of Guinness. This new immersive space highlighted the pint shape of the atrium and presented the beauty of a settling pint of Guinness in stunning detail. We constructed a full-scale model of the bottom of the atrium in a local warehouse in order to test and optimise the best possible image achievable with such a short projection distance over a large area. We supervised the necessary high-speed film shoot of settling Guinness, compositing the resulting footage to create an infinitely-settling pint. A novel projection solution used four hemispherical mirrors in the centre of the atrium to achieve the large projection areas.


A small room had been identified in the basement area that would be used as the new exit to the Storehouse. Martello designed an ambitious space intended to immerse the visitor in screens of surging Guinness. 72 plasma screens were used to create twelve 3-sided towers. Each side of a tower has infrared sensors which detect movement through the space. As a visitor travels through the space they trigger various images of surging and settling pints of Guinness.

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